Your Key to the CODE-series product line!    

codePASSPORT is your key to accessing all of the 'code' products online! Your codePASSPORT requires you to only remember ONE login and password combination to have access to MANY 'code' accounts! If you are already a 'code' member and your organization subscribes to any of our online products, gaining access is as simple as clicking a button!

Technical Information

codePASSPORT is designed to allow a single user to have multiple accounts with multiple systems and still only be require to maintain one user profile. If a user needs to have access to another organization's account (say a contract worker is employed by two companies that subscribe to codeMESSAGING), the user simply requests access to that account by a click of a button. System administrators then review the request and accept or deny it. That's it! Administrators can also cancel a users access to their system at any time. codePASSPORT tracks all this information and will display it to the user so he or she knows what systems are available.



codePASSPORT also handles the login routing procedure for all 'code' products. Essentially, a user of can log into the system from any application page. codePASSPORT determines where he or she is logging in from and routes them appropriately. For example, if a user logs into codeMESSAGING, but only has access to codeSCHEDULING accounts, codePASSPORT will detect this and route them appropriately. In addition, a user may have accounts with several 'code' applications. If this user logs in from an account specific page, codePASSPORT drops them right into the specified account within the system. codePASSPORT is designed to make the user experience simple and efficient!


User Manual
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